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    Define moulin moulin synonyms, moulin pronunciation, moulin translation, English dictionary definition of moulin n A nearly vertical cavity in a glacier through which meltwater from the surface drops into tunnels that are within or beneath the iceMoulin definition is a nearly cylindrical vertical shaft in a glacier scoured out by meltwater and rock debris pouring into itMoulin | Definition of Moulin by MerriamWebsterMoulin, (French: “mill”), a nearly cylindrical, vertical shaft that extends through a glacier and is carved by meltwater from the glacier’s surface Postglacial evidence of a moulin, also called a glacial mill, is a giant kettle, or, more properly, a moulin pothole, scoured to great depth in the bedrock by the rocks and boulders transported by the falling waterMoulin | geology | Britannica

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    moulin (mo͞olăN`): see pothole pothole, in geology, cylindrical pit formed in the rocky channel of a turbulent stream It is formed and enlarged by the abrading action of pebbles and cobbles that are carried by eddies, or circular water currents that move against the main current of a streammoulin (plural moulins) A cylindrical, vertical shaft that extends through a glacier and is carved by meltwater from the glacier’s surface Translations cylindrical, vertical shaft that extends through a glaciermoulin WiktionaryWe start working in the middle of the night so we can present the most beautiful display of freshbaked breads, handmade pastries and delicious savory foods every morning when we open our doors We have grown over the years, but our commitment to tradition and details remains the same as day one When you arrive at MOULIN, you arrive in ParisMoulin Welcome to Paris in Orange County

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    The Moulin Rouge is situated in the Pigalle area, just below Monmartre It's pretty central and probably no more than a 10 Euro taxi ride from most city centre hotels CheckoutHervé Moulin graduated in 1971 from the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and received his PhD in mathematics from the Université de Paris in 1975 After teaching at the Ecole NUniversity of Glasgow Schools Adam Smith Business永远转动的红磨坊(Moulin Rouge) 看《红磨坊》最先的动机是因为其主演是汤姆克鲁斯的妻子(现在可说是前妻了)——妮可基德曼,想看看她的演技及气质如何。当然,感觉还是像大家说的一样:WANDERFUL! 这是一部有着历史根据的爱情电影。红磨坊 Moulin Rouge! (2001) 豆瓣电影

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    Moulin Roty的概述图(1 张) V百科往期回顾 词条统计 浏览次数: 次 编辑次数:6次历史版本 最近更新: wou 突出贡献榜 无敌小钢镚活宝 为您推荐 广告 搜索发现 新手上路

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